iCloud Devonthink “receipts" documents?

After using DNT on a different Mac for a while and then using my main Mac again, I noticed a strange new huge folder on my disk. I post a screenshot from OmniDiskSweeper. Any ideas what this folder is and do I need it locally?

Screen Capture 18 Feb 2022 at 06.11.32.pdf (69.2 KB)

Do you use iCloud (Legacy) sync stores? These deprecated sync locations require local disk space too.

Currently, only the iCloud (CloudKit) store. I have used the (Legacy) store in the past.

Did ever clean the iCloud (Legacy) sync store?

What does “clean” mean?

Sorry, found it in the manual

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OK, “cleaned” reported in the log file - may I now delete the local iCloud file?

Silly me - the files are gone through the cleaning. Thanks anyway for pointing me to the “old” sync store.