iCloud Drive, Shared Folders and the SyncStore


after Apple finally released the iCloud folder sharing feature, I tried several times to create a SyncStore on my iCloud drive.

My problem is the following. When I create a new folder and try to create the SyncStore in it, DEVONthink won’t allow it - I’m not able to create the SyncStore at all.

So before I waste any more time with this, I want to check if this is what DEVONthink wants and if you really can’t create a SyncStore in the iCloud drive.

That would be a pity, as I share some of my databases with family and I want to work exclusively in the Apple environment. We’ve been sharing normal folders this way for a few days now and it works perfectly, so it would be a pity if DEVONthink didn’t support this feature…

Thanks in advance for a reply

Best regards and stay healthy

This is correct, local sync stores on iCloud Drive are not possible due to the way iCloud Drive works. Sync stores are packages and during our tests iCloud Drive copied the complete latest package from one Mac to the other instead of just synchronizing the contents. But this way the sync can’t work.

Thanx for your quick reply… But now I’m sad :wink: