iCloud Drive, Shared Folders and the SyncStore


after Apple finally released the iCloud folder sharing feature, I tried several times to create a SyncStore on my iCloud drive.

My problem is the following. When I create a new folder and try to create the SyncStore in it, DEVONthink won’t allow it - I’m not able to create the SyncStore at all.

So before I waste any more time with this, I want to check if this is what DEVONthink wants and if you really can’t create a SyncStore in the iCloud drive.

That would be a pity, as I share some of my databases with family and I want to work exclusively in the Apple environment. We’ve been sharing normal folders this way for a few days now and it works perfectly, so it would be a pity if DEVONthink didn’t support this feature…

Thanks in advance for a reply

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This is correct, local sync stores on iCloud Drive are not possible due to the way iCloud Drive works. Sync stores are packages and during our tests iCloud Drive copied the complete latest package from one Mac to the other instead of just synchronizing the contents. But this way the sync can’t work.

Thanx for your quick reply… But now I’m sad :wink:

Hey, I ran into the exact same issue and luckily found this thread.
I am searching for a way to share content with my wife in our family account.
Is there a way to get this done?

btw - I was searching for the files - but reading your answer - they are located outside the file access of iCloud drive - right?

Maybe you want to support multiple iCloud accounts, because of known limitations we created a family account as well. This would be a solution if you can choose the account at DEVONthink mac and choose the same account on iPhone…

Does the whole family use DEVONthink? Then the databases could be e.g. synchronized via Bonjour in your local network.

Thx, for your fast answer!
Yes the database contains all docs of the family and all that shall be shared.

I am using DevonThink at mac and I am responsible for scanning via Scansnap and my family should get access by DevonThink 2 go - at least for reading.

Since my mac is not running 24/7 syncing using local network is - let’s say: not convenient :wink:

Another possibility might be a shared cloud service, e.g. Dropbox or CloudMe.

Yes as workaround, I managed it by using WEBDAV and my own next cloud installation using a shared folder.

But this is much slower…

A “family iCloud support” would be much appreciated :wink:


Slower than what? Frankly, I don’t think anything can be slower or less reliable than iCloud sync (just my personal experience). I dropped it completely and went entirely WebDAV (one commercial offering, one local NAS). Very snappy, indeed.

iCloud might appear to be really fast as DEVONthink has to update only the local sync store and as the system handles the up-/downloads asynchronously afterwards but actually it’s usually the slowest option.

I also notice slow, unreliable sync with iCloud, not only in relation to DEVONthink. I usually avoid iCloud sync :slight_smile:

I have a homeserver which I use as a NAS (and the kids for hosting their Minecraft servers :wink: ) and I also configured a Webdav server to access the databases with DTTG. The Webdav server is only accessible on the local network, which I can connect to using VPN when I’m not at home. Sync is fast on the local network and fast enough when connected through VPN.

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@cgrunenberg I guess the answer is still no, but is it possible to sync a shared Store via iCloud with the new DTTG version using CloudKit?

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No, you can’t sync across Apple IDs. Also DEVONthink To Go can’t sync via a local sync store.

Shouldn’t this be technically possible?
If the DEVONthink allows to provide a custom path the path could be shared.

No it’s not technically possible at this time.

No it’s not technically possible at this time.

Do you mean it isn’t implemented in DEVONthink?
From my understanding CloudKit should be able to store data in shareable folders.


Are you evaluating this feature?

It’s at least planned for future releases (like many other things).