iCloud files sync to dropbox

I have Obsidian files synced on iCloud so that I can use the mobile app. It seems that I have to keep my Obsidian files on dropbox if I want to index them. I guess I can do that, but it is another cost. I want to be able to use a plug in on Obsidian so that I can backlink files that I keep on DT3 pro. What is the best way to do this?

I’m curious how you came to that conclusion?

Aren’t your iCloud files located on you computer’s local files system? They are on my computer. I just did a test and was able to index the Obsidian folder into DEVONthink.

I looked around for someone talking about the same topic on this forum. I could not exactly find it, but I found talk about indexing on to dropbox. Also. lots of talk about problems with iCloud.

So, I can index on to iCloud.

I am looking at tips and tricks to figure out how to index and do not see a way to search those files. The ordinary search covers only my own files.

I thought iCloud was located on the Cloud. That is not on my computer. I checked my computer and iCloud is only an app. I do not find my iCloud files. They are not properly backed up so that is a problem. Maybe there is a problem with the way I have iCloud set up.

Yes, some people have problems with iCloud syncing. My hunch it is related to network and throttling by Apple for large data transfers, but who knows. Works for me. I use other sync methods also.

I recommend you try doing a DEVONthink index pointing to your Obsidian files located on your local computer’s iCloud folder. Check Preferences for Finder to see that you have check-on the option to show the iCloud folder that resides on your local machine.

If files are indexed in DEVONthink they are found by the DEVONthink search engine. Maybe there is some setting somewhere in DEVONthink Preferences that says “do not search indexed files” but not known to me. Please take a look at your DEVONthink Preferences.

No, iCloud files are not exclusively on Apple’s servers available via the Internet. (I dislike the term “cloud” as it causes confusion). The iCloud app synchronises between your device and Apple’s servers. I recommend you read how iCloud works and how to use. Google “how icloud works” for some good articles.

Big advice: be wary of turning on “optimise Mac Storage” in your iCloud settings.

Bigger advice: you mention your files not properly backed up. Fix that soonest. Proper full computer backups essential. TimeMachine works well.