iCloud (iCloudKit) sync leaves certain files unaccessible on one of my iPadOS / iOS devices

I have 2 iPad and 1 iPhone that I use to sync my Devonthink databases via iCloud sync. One of these iPads has certain files in the database that are not being downloaded, and I see that these files have been greyed out when accessing DEVONthink To Go.

Odd thing is that these files are accessible on my other iPad and my iPhone. I tried deleting the app from the misbehaving iPad, sync in-and-out-of iCloud, but to no avail. I also verified, optimized and rebuild the databases that has these files on my MBP, but this also did not solve the problem.

Any further thoughts would be helpful!

  • Is there anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?
  • Is there a triangle on the sync icon in DEVONthink To Go’s bottom toolbar? If so, touch it and post what is reported.
  • Are you indexing files in DEVONthink and syncing the content of indexed items?

Hi, nothing in the log and no triangle, it syncs just fine. And yes, I am indexing files in Devonthink databases on my Macs.

On my iPads, the files that cannot be accessed are greyed out and have a red stop-sign.

Odd thing is that on my iPhones, these exact same files are not problematic at all. They are synced perfectly and can be opened in Devonthink.

Are you referring to Files.app?

Yes, on the Files.app.

These are files that are not downloaded in DEVONthink To Go, therefore they can’t be accessed through Files.app.

PS: Please make sure to include pertinent details, e.g., you’re using the Files.app, etc. when posting or reporting issues. Thanks!

So perhaps miscommunication. I cannot download these files from the databases I sync with iCloud on my iPads using Devonthink To Go, although I can download and view these same files on the same iCloud account on my iPhones.

The Files.app allows you to add Devonthink as a location to iCloud Drive. When I do that and I view the files I am talking about on my iPads in iCloud Drive, these files are greyed out with a red stop sign. At this point, I am guessing it could also be an iCloud Drive access problem, although I would not know why it is not a problem on my iPhones.

Each device is independent. The behavior of one is not indicative of the behavior of another, just as someone having the same make and model and year of the same car I have doesn’t determine how my car runs.

This is also true of DEVONthink To Go. The devices aren’t sharing a database. They each have a local copy of the database, as well as their own network connection, etc.

Is there a triangle on the sync icon in DEVONthink To Go’s bottom toolbar on the problematic device? If so, touch it. What is reported?