iCloud icon blinking continuously

I’m starting to think that I need to take some kind of action to fix the blinking iCloud sync icon in DTTG3. Every time I launch the app the bottom left corner of the cloud icon begins to fill with blue colour and then stops and it just keeps repeating this for as long as the app is open.

Does anyone else experience this or know what it means or how to resolve it?

Everything is working fine regarding data being synced and where it is expected to be on both Mac and iOS but I keep being distracted by this intermittent blinking icon at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks in advance

You could put a bit of brown sticky tape over it :smiley:

If you long-press the icon a window will open, telling you what’s going on :slight_smile: (I think if errors were previously noted, as indicated by a little triangle on the cloud icon, you need to clear the error log by tapping the cloud and then clearing the window before you can do the long-press).

Brown sticky tape, why didn’t I think of that… :thinking:

Thanks I didn’t know about the long press action to see what’s going on.

For me it shows a sync window with a text that fluctuates between “Starting synchronisation“ and “No synchronisation in progress”

I guess this is normal, can’t say i’ve ever noticed it before.

Is there anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

DEVONthink’s window > log is blank there’s nothing in it at all.

And this is a gif of what I see in DTTG3 all the time:
Screen capture

How many databases do you have and have you set DEVONthink To Go to sync automatically?

Yes i have set DEVONthink To Go to sync automatically and i do currently have 29 databases.

That explains it: When all 29 are synced, the cycle already beings again…

Got it! Thanks, that makes sense :blush: