iCloud invalid encryption key and I'm a bit stumped

Dear Forum & Jim,

I’m syncing my iPad to newly uploaded databases in iCloud, and getting an error:

invalid encryption key

what are the rules for valid keys? thanks!!


You need to make sure you’re using the same key as when you set up the sync location… or leaving it blank if you didn’t specify one. You can’t add/delete/modify an encryption key after you’ve synced. If you want to do those things, you have to clean the sync location and resync after you’ve made the change.

thanks Jim, I understand - that’s what I was doing (incorrectly).

So now I have my databases on iCloud (I can see the GBs there, in the orange part of the bar).
I tried to delete the iCloud location on the iPad, and re-create another one, but somehow I am getting the order of things wrong, and it is saying location already exists (even though I thought I had eliminated it (by clicking the red circle with the “-”.

what is the right order of things - and do I need to delete the stuff on iCloud first?



In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us. Thanks!

Tx Jim!

I have the same problem and have located my encryption key. Now how do I clean up the databases on the iPad. Just delete the application and reinstall? Or is there a more elegant way to do this?



Why do you need to “clean up the databases on the iPad”?
If you have your encryption key, you would just enter it in the info for the sync location. In DTTG’s Settings > Sync: Edit locations, press the Edit link to bring up info for that location. You would enter the key and press Save and it should work as expected.

I’m getting this with a brand new database with a handful of elements and no encryption key at all!

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Welcome @mikegarner

The error reported has nothing to do with encrypted databases. It is a sync set up error. In the sync preferences, you are entering an incorrect encryption key, or entering a key when none was specified when you first enabled the sync location.

I haven’t encrypted anything.

Never mind, I sorted it with Dropbox.

Never mind, I sorted it with Dropbox.

Meaning… ?

Does not work out. Can enter password for iCloud but no encryption key. Can enter iCloud with my credentials in the internet, but not via DTTP. Can someone from support schedule a call with me please?

DEVONthink does neither need nor use your iCloud password, the sync uses its own optional encryption key. It’s only important that all computers/devices use exactly the same encryption key (or none at all). You could start a support ticket by choosing Help > Contact Us in DTTG.

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Can someone from support schedule a call with me please?

PS: Due to the size of our company and the international scope of our business, we only provide scheduled phone support on an issue by issue basis. The majority of issues can be handled through our Support Ticket system here, our Help and tutorials, and our User Forums.