iCloud Legacy and CloudKit

Upgraded my iPhone from iOS 10 to ios16

looks like my DTTG3 isn’t syncing with DevonThink3

iPhone(iOS 16) and Mac(Catalina)

might have to do with iCloud legacy and CloudKit?

  1. The old iPhone iOS 10 was syncing with my Mac(iCloud Legacy) fine.
  2. I synced first then disabled Locations>iCloud on the old iPhone ios10 before downloading DTTG3 to the new iPhone.
  3. On the new iPhone downloaded DTTG3 but Im not sure what I chose for location legacy or CloudKit(it doesnt state what is using) but it downloaded all my databases but is not syncing to Mac.

Currently my Mac, DevonThink 3 is set to sync with iCloud Legacy. Do i just Add a new location CloudKit on my Mac? or do I need to do a “clean location” ?

Can Catalina even run CloudKit? if so what are the steps to set it all to run CloudKit on my iPhone(iOS 16) and Mac(Catalina)

Thank you.

It’s pretty clear from many posts here that Apple’s CloudKit and iCloud are sometimes unreliable–not only for DEVONthink but for anything. Just do a search. Just today, I am waiting (for three days now) for an appointment made in iOS for Dec 26 in Apple Calendar to sync to other devices.

If you don’t really need a third party external internet sync service and have an internal network at your home and/or office, try Bonjour. Much faster and more reliable. If you make changes while “out and about”, those changes will catch up when you return to a Bonjour sync.

Or consider the other third party services and methods discussed in the outstanding DEVONthink Manual.

Or … wait for Apple. There are no “knobs” to turn to make it work, AFAIK.

You could of course continue to use iCloud (Legacy) on all devices but this sync location isn’t recommended due to its disadvantanges, e.g. slow & asynchronous data transfer completely controlled by the OS and Apple’s server.

Important is only that you use the same sync location(s) on all devices. See also DEVONtechnologies | How do I switch sync methods?

I have found no way to change sync methods for Apple Calendar. Safari bookmarks and reading list way out of date also. I do not use Apple’s services for DEVONthink sync. Life is too short. :wink:

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Completely wrong quote, I obviously didn’t have any coffee so far.

Ok so I have 3 devices. One(iPad) can’t upgrade to dttg3 as it can’t hold beyond iOS 10

On the iPad i didn’t disabled sync and still syncing to iCloud legacy.

So my questions are:

1.Why and where is the iPad syncing to? Since I made a “clean” of iCloud legacy on my Mac. This means that there are two versions of storage on my iCloud? One for the CloudKit and the other for the iCloud legacy?

  1. Is this the reason why am I getting messages on my iPhone ? Log “files app> on my device>DEVONthink >Console log”

  2. I have no choice but to disable iCloud legacy on my iPad and stop using it?

  3. How do I make a “clean”dttg2 on my iPad for iCloud Legacy ? There is no option for that

So the iCloud Legacy and iCloud CloudKit work on the same data (databases) and the difference between them is ‘only’ the way they sync?

Yes, you can sync any of your databases with any of our sync methods. There is no sync-limiting factor in a database, except for having an unhealthy database. And, beyond the inherent weaknesses of a remote sync option, the limitation of a sync location would be having sufficient space to contain the sync data.

  • Legacy syncs locally and iCloud processes handle the transmission, on its own schedule.

  • CloudKit syncs directly to Apple’s servers. However, an initial sync should be done one database at a time. Also, CloudKit has not been a reliable performer for many people (other developers included) for many months.

Ok, thanks.

I am afraid i might have been unclear when asking the question:

I meant are the files uploaded into iCloud the same physical files irrespective of the method? With other words, if I upload with Legacy method a local database, can I locate the same database from other or same device by using CloudKit?

No. CloudKit and Legacy sync data is not interchangeable or transferrable.

OK, thanks.

I got myself into a kind of mess but having DT To Go both new and old versions using each legacy and CloudKit on three iOS devices and with a new MacBook Pro,

Do we have, any documentation with procedures or recipes about how to bring those databases up to date without loosing any data?


You have to be kidding. Right? Who would have thought of the scenario to write up a procedure?

In any event, if you could be more specific and list for each device: type of device (iphone, ipad, mac), os version (macOS, iOS), DEVONthink version (DEVONthink and DEVONthink ToGo), and for each which cloud service it is connected to (of which there could be more than one). Also describe what problems you see occurring.

With that, someone might be able to work through this complexity, identify the problem (If any), and give some guidance.

Somehow, I do not think I am alone in this situation considering the early mess with the sync setup features.

I have nothing special:
Two iPhones and one iPad Pro with DEVONthin To Go 2 and 3 on each device
Mac book Pro with Monterrey and DEVONthink Pro Office
All patched to latest levels

On each device I have about 4 to 8 databases on each version (2 and 3) so I completely lost control and I am trying to avoid exporting every single file to iCloud manually.

Sync is not complicated to setup and maintain but it sounds like you’ve got a hodge pod of stuff. :wink:

Perhaps my best advice as you’ve not give the details I thought useful to enable giving you specific and pointed advice, is that you re-read review the “DEVONthink Handbook”, page 60 of the 3.8.7 version on “Sync” and start again. As long as you don’t delete databases and do the version upgrades consistently and following the instructions, you probably won’t lose data. Best to create Database Archive zip back-ups of all databases before starting.

Just think it thru. Good luck.

Two iPhones and one iPad Pro with DEVONthin To Go 2 and 3 on each device

You should not have both versions 2 and 3 of DEVONthink To Go on the Apple mobile devices.

Mac book Pro with Monterrey and DEVONthink Pro Office

Actually DEVONthink Pro Office ? This is the 2.x application and should be replaced with DEVONthink 3.

What device has the master database ?


One of the main challenges is that I see totally different databases as remote at least when using DEVONthink To Go 2 on iPad and iPhone. So I cannot see how to reconcile them! Is there any way to explore the file system in iCloud to examine what is actually stored there?

DEVONthink does not put any databases “remote”. All databases reside local on the Mac, iPhone, or iPad. DEVONthink only puts to iCloud files that DEVONthink uses to synchronise. Files on iCloud are not something that you should be paying attention to other than in the context of configuring and using synch as per explained in the “DEVONthink Manual”.

You didn’t answer my questions.

Re the macOS version, is the latest available.

Re the other question, I thought is obvious that I don’t know anymore what device has the master version (I mentioned already I got myself into a right mess) - but I assume is the Mac in most cases.

I’d restore the last reliable backup on the Mac and restart from there.