iCloud & not storing a second copy of my databases


I’ve been syncing since I started using DTOP using Dropbox, and took advantage of Selective Sync to avoid keeping the server-side version of my data. I’ve found the Dropbox sync to be a little clunky and slow, so I was excited about the iCloud integration, hoping it would be smoother.

What I’m finding, is that the sync keeps (I guess not surprisingly) the server-side copy of the data, hiddle in my iCloud directory, whether I want it there or not. So switching to iCloud sync increased my disk space requirements significantly.

Is there any way around this? Or is there something that helps explain the mental model a bit more clearly, since it seems slightly different than the other syncs.


There is no “selective sync” option for the sync data with iCloud.

Thanks for clarifying.

I take it, thus, that there is no way to avoid two copies on disk for databases that are made local to the DEVONthink running locally?

It would be great if the sync mechanism worked more like git, so that you could have just a single copy and work directly against it. Is something like this on the roadmap?


There aren’t “two copies” as sync does not merely copy your files. It is raw sync data.

git can be used in a decentralized way, with a local repo, which is the method we advocate - decentralized data.

I think this relates to my (no doubt uninformed) question about the new Icloud sync – I’m trying to understand where the data is stored on my computer. I have several Devonthink databases on an external drive because there is not storage room on the Imac itself. If I sync one of these (say 79GB) to Icloud, how much will that add to the storage demands on the Imac? Or will it store the extra data on the external drive?