iCloud sync AND Bonjour sync?

I’m trying to sync my 22GB Evernote import from my DT3 to my iPhone and iPad, and it has taken days, and it’s still not all done.

Is it possible to turn on Bonjour – which I realize I can only use when my iOS devices are on the same WiFi network as my Mac – and at the same time use iCloud, which would. sync. when I’m away?


That’s a common approach. To speed up the sync you could first turn off WiFi, then connect via wire.

@pete31 are you saying that this is done via direct connect from my iDevice to my Mac, rather than via WiFi?


Bonjour can be used via wire and it’s faster than via WiFi.

See How to Sync by Wire

He said "to speed up the sync, you could FIRST TURN OFF WiFi, THEN connect via wire (emphasis mine).
Bonjour is a protocol than can be run over wire as well as wireless (as it sits on top of TCP/IP). So you have the choice: use WLAN or wire. If you really, really want to transfer 22 GByte of data to your mobile device, you just might want to use wired connection. Or not and wait for a longer time.


Brilliant! Of course, wire is faster than wireless. Good call.

Do you know if you can STILL run iCloud sync, or should it be one or the other?


I wrote:

If you didn’t understand this: why don’t you ask? It‘s pointless to answer to a question if you are not telling that something‘s still unclear.

It was still unclear. I’m a newbie, a refuge from 13 years with Evernote. DEVONthink is significantly more sophisticated, and more powerful. Evernote’s sync has changed over the years, especially with their v10, but it’s just set and forget. DEVONthink has a variety of settings both on the Mac side, as well as the iOS side.