iCloud Sync broken in the new DT3 beta?

Just realized after the latest update that my databases do not Sync anymore. When validating the location, I get a message that the encryption key is not valid (clé de chiffrement non valide in French) on both my Notebook and Desktop…

Forgot to add the access to iCloud look OK on my iPad and I did not change the iCloud configuration for Sync…

Did you update macOS and/or update DEVONthink lately? Sometimes this can reset the iCloud Drive preferences.

Oh, I did update to the latest macOS beta, 10.14.6, on my desktop (but never on my trusted production notebook!)…

Any pointer on how to fix this. I have tried to clean all Sync on all platform, even removing the DevonSync paquet folder on iCloud and start over but it does not seems to work all at (24h later with on the global inbox to sync)…

Did you clean the iCloud sync store? In that case it should be only important to ensure that all devices use the same encryption key, otherwise the above issue might reappear.

I not only try to clean the store but I removed the sync store, delete all applications all all devices, removed all pref and application support folders in the Library (notebook and desktop), reinstall and sync only the global inbox (21 items on the notebook and 24 on the desktop). Still not able to sync (yes they have the same password)…I am missing something clearly

And a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) is successful on both computers?

On both systems, I get Location successfully verified and Database “My name” successfully verified.

And the global inbox was already synchronized on both computers according to Preferences > Sync? What exactly is different?

They do not synchronize…A few files are different on each system and both database should become the same after synchronization…

A screenshot from both computers showing the selected iCloud sync location would be useful - thanks!

Here are the two screens

Desktop screen.pdf (1.4 MB)

And nothing was logged to Windows > Log? Are files added on both machines to the global inbox synchronized?

No entry in the Journal, Gestionaires de téléchargement or activité windows (not sure which one is Log in English).

This is what I am trying to achieve wit the Sync no? Dropping a file on a single inbox and propagate across all devices…

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to start a support ticket.

Sent from my Notebook. You want also one from the Desktop?

Yes, this might be useful too. Thanks!

Done from both machine. Thanks.

Where are the iCloud data saved on the computer?

I have remove all apps from all platforms, removes preferences, applications support files, …When reinstalling the app from scratch on my notebook, importing the previous inbox content from individual files and going into Sync, it found a previous sync and boom all of my files were doubled after the sync. On my iPad or Desktop, both inbox remained empty, no sync even if the sync location appears to be OK.