iCloud Sync Issue

I have an iMac, a MacAir & an iPhone.

iCloud sync works as expected between the iMac and iPhone but it will not sync as expected with the MacAir. I can sync locally so I suspect a gremlin in the iCloud sync packet.

On my iMac (preferences) I have a duplication of the iCloud Sync option (ie two iCloud listings) I suspect this is not normal. The seem connected if I attempt to delete 1 listing both go, similarly if I unclick one the other also empties the tick box.

Any suggestions?

Please update to version 2.10.1 which should fix the duplication issue.

I am using 2.10.1

I have gone back to using Dropbox and all is okay, but for completeness sake would like to get iCloud sync working as well.

If you delete them, then quit and relaunch DEVONthink, do you have one or two?

Thank you very much - that now looks better. I will test in the morning, as bedtime for me in Australia. :frowning:

You, in a post I read elsewhere seem to think Dropbox sync is superior, so I probably will stick with that.


Just a comment, … consistent with your advice. I tested out the iCloud Sync and had concluded it was not working, … then my test file finally showed up on my other devices. So yes iCloud Sync potentially seems a lot slower to sync than Dropbox. I now have them running in tandem but wondering whats the point of that? :wink:

The initial sync with iCloud can be slower (and that’s beyond our control), but our general experience with subsequent syncs has been on par with Dropbox’s performance. But, with the variables in any remote sync, YMMV.

I am curious why you say icloud sync may be slow. I have it enabled and have used dropbox [ and have tested box]; bonjour sync, and local SSD for DTPO and DTTG sync. I use icloud for several other programs such as Keep It [not completely unlike DTPO in some ways], scanbot pro and scanner pro [totally different but still use iCloud ], photos, notability, and other programs that use one or more of these to sync… The omnigroup suite of apps syncs well and quickly, goodnotes, notability, the old Notebook, all move their data around reliably among computers and ios devices.

DTPO is the slowest and least reliable [in terms of not knowing when a file will show up on the non-original device]. I use both indexed groups and non-indexed groups in one database; indexed [all original files on a computer and indexed to DTPO] in a second database; and non-indexed [all original files resident in the DTPO database] on a third database. It doesn’t seem to make much if any difference in reliability of files being synced to other devices, especially ios devices.

DTTG in particular is nearly useless on iphone [7plus] and ipad pro as i can never be sure the files will sync from a computer to the ios devices in a few minutes. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THE OTHER PROGRAMS, THE DATA FILES SHOW UP IN SECONDS OR MINUTES. Blaming icloud is a cop-out. Files [of any type I have tested, pdf, doc, access dbase, jpeg, raw, video …] placed in Dropbox, icloud based syncs with other software mentioned above, Keep It, or even icloud drive files show up in minutes on ios devices as well as other computers.

DTPO is the best software for my needs of storing and finding info in large databases, but the inconsistent syncing of files among the 3 computers and 2 ios devices I use is almost a deal breaker. I read the forum a lot and obviously numerous others have issues also. DTTG2 is better than the old way but is still flaky.

Given all the questions and issues that pop up on the forum your team has made progress, but still make too many excuses, and are still not there with a robust, user friendly syncing solution yet. You are a Mac developer, remember “it just works” is how it should be. Your software gets in the way of using the software.

For what its worth, I have been using Keep It on 3 computers and 2 ios devices in parallel with Devonthink/DTTG for 3 months with a large set of the exact same files [web, pdf, and docs mostly] in both apps, on the same computers and ios devices, and do not have the sync problems or delays with Keep it. Keep It works quickly and consistently to sync the files , tags, groups and metadata. It doesn’t do everything DTPO can but it does sync effortlessly so i can pull up data in a meeting with my ipad pro and the data is actually present on the ipad.

Because it’s an accurate statement, based not only on in-house testing but actual real-life experience.

I haven’t found that to be the case for me, on the other hand, not that I am complaining contrary to your experience I find OmniFocus sync a bit slow, but I am using the Omni Sync method.

Maybe you should nuke DTTG and start again and see how you go?

Also, the mechanisms are not the same, so comparisons are going to be skewed. There is no “syncing standard” and the use cases and underlying data being transmitted are likely not the same.

I’m sorry but I don’t think this is just an iCloud issue. An earlier poster mentioned all the apps he’s using the sync through iCloud. I use both, iCloud and Dropbox with over 200Gb of documents, scripts and pictures synced flawlessly though iCloud and within seconds between all my machines (3 Macs and 2 iOS devices). The worst by far is DevonThink. I love the app but the sync is unreliable at best and broken at worst. Just for clarification, I don’t see much difference in sync performance between iCloud and Dropbox - although the largest difference is that it’s easier to verify that Dropbox is actually running and performing a transfer which is difficult to figure out on iCloud.

Just to give an example, I’ve added a single file into DevonThink. On the device where the file has been added, it synced with iCloud within a minute with sync interval set to automatic.
On another device, the sync interval is set to every minute. It’s been over over 25 minutes and it’s still not done a sync. Even manually triggering a sync…does not actually sync. No logs are shown, no errors, nothing. This is on the latest version btw (2.10.1) which purportedly resolved many sync issues. It is quite simply one of the worst sync mechanisms I’ve seen in any app. period. blaming it on the underlying cloud provider just makes things worse as it’s clear that it’s not the underlying provider that’s at fault.

This is starting to become a dealbreaker as I need to trust that when a file is uploaded, I can access it in a remote location when required. This unfortunately has not been the case since the release of Devonthink Sync.

And did you upload all 200GB in one shot?

We have no control over what any cloud provider does or doesn’t do, or the reliability / reachability of their servers. With iCloud, we are working within the confines of their system. In fact, other than the providers themselves, most sync methods are essentially the same under-the-hood.

I’ve personally seen, and professionally have reports of, both ends of the spectrum regarding iCloud performance.