iCloud Sync Problem

Hey guys, do we need to keep opening DTG when we sync the database? I found if I back to the main screen or switch to any other app, DTG will stop sync.

Yes, far as I know. That’s how IOS works. Remember, it’s not a real computer.

DEVONthink To Go should be in the foreground and the mobile device awake for the initial sync. The Background App Refresh option is controlled entirely by iOS and only allows approximately a 30 second window, when it allows it to happen. This means we can’t control if, when, or how long it happens. Subsequent syncs are faster since there’s less data being transferred.

I originally tried to put everything into dtg about 10,000 plus files a lot of pdfs. I did a total index of them.

I found the syncing with icloud to be impossible. I couldn’t for example load a bunch of stuff into my mac then close it and grab my iphone and ipad and run off to a client and expect it to be there. It wasn’t.

I realized that i really didn’t need all those files i dtg really. I guess I thought it was cool to have them. But since they were on icloud I could always import one or two as I had a project to work on.

So I undid the index and relieved dtg of the 10,000 files. Now it works perfectly. I instantly have the same stuff on my other devices upon adding them to the mac book.

Life is good again.

I created a ZAP that writes my google events created by my callers and it writes a text file with all the event info onto dropbox. So I also have the event info in order to created a project in dtg using the project template.


BTW: icloud works just as bad on other content manager apps I own as well.

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To help us think about this … please:

: confirm that the 10,000+ files are not actually IN the DEVONthink database, but are indexed. Indexed files reside in the file system and not inside DEVONthink.

: what do you man “total index”? What other types of indexes did you consider?

Let me just say that when I removed all the files I knew were available in icloud or dropbox index or imported everything started working a while lot better.

Also on my ipad and iphone I set it all to download on demand not always.

I also turned off the backup to icloud.

Before it took forever to sync to my devices if it ever did. I waited and waited and well you get it.

I only have folders and required files I need for organization in dt3.

Runs much better for me.