Icloud syncing problem

I set up syncing on iCloud last week (with the help of @BLUEFROG :slight_smile: and it was working briefly, but now nothing is synced… I have it enabled on both machines (in DT preferences and in apple preferences), but when I try to force sync the message I get is “incoming connections: None”… screen shot attached… thoughts? what am I doing wrong? thanks

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 4.34.14 PM|690x473

The message “incoming connections none” is not related to iCloud sync; instead it is related to Bonjour.

There are numerous posts suggesting that iCloud sync can be slow or unreliable; simply waiting may be the solution. Is anything logged in the log?

Not exactly a solution, but perhaps a problem solving heuristic: this morning I created a new database and attempted to sync it along with the databases I normally sync using iCloud Drive. The iOS devices weren’t detecting it as a sync option, so I went back to DEVONThink on my Mac to confirm things looked okay. But then, when working in the Finder, I noticed it wasn’t just DEVONThink, but iCloud Drive itself isn’t syncing. Actually, it’s been stuck on “Uploading 25 items; 26.8 mb of 26.8 mb” for hours, even through a restart and OS update. So I mentioning this as I’m wondering if iCloud Drive itself might be the culprit, rather than DEVONThink, and perhaps you might check something else you sync with it to perhaps confirm that.

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You should check out Window > Log to see if there are errors reported.

Yes! “failed database verification; please repair the database” though I’m only seeing that in the window for one of the databases

You need to run a File > Verify & Repair on the problematic database, keeping an eye on the Log window for more information.