iCloud vs Dropbox

I have setup the sync using iCloud but it is a bit slow, is Dropbox any faster ? Which one is recommended ?

I would ask if you need to use a remote sync location, like iCloud or Dropbox.

Yeah I need remote sync

My hunch is that an differences are due to the sync platforms, not DEVONthink directly. I do take note that a number of the apps I have on my Mac that sync settings and data say something to the effect that iCloud is “suspect” whereas they typically don’t have reservations about Dropbox. I have used Dropbox for years and it works well. If you want high local performance, use your own WEBdav server or Bonjour (documented in DT’s manual).

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Used dropbox sync for some months. I had to reset it twice :frowning: But the resets worked like a charm. :slight_smile:

Using iCloud since a few weeks now (for financial reasons). Working just as well.

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