Icon view as document previews

In the finder, I get little previews of some of my documents (for example OmniGraffle docs) when in icon view. This is useful because some of the workflows I have in .graffle format are very distinctive, and I can just pick them from the thumbnail.
Unfortunately it seems the thumbnail view does not cary over in DEVONthink, where I get rows of the OmniGraffle icon.

Is there a setting I’m missing, or a quickview plugin?

I have noticed that the OmniGraffle preview only works when the file is saved as a package.

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I’ll partially answer my own question for future reference: there is a contextual menu called Thumbnails which will either create or regenerate a fill thumbnail.
There is also a preference setting in File > Thumbnails that seems to define which type of files get thumbnails.

However, I’m still unsure if the thumbnail generation can be done automatically or if it has to be requested through the menu.

Did you test an import after enabling thumbnailing other file types?

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Haha! It works. Thanks.

No problem.