Icon view background color ?

Just a small GUI question:
I’m using Devonthink PE - how do you change the icon view background color ?

At the moment it’s black and I can’t seem to find an option in the preferences to change it to a more text label friendly readable color.


What, twenty views and nobody has a clue as to how to change the icon view background if it somehow has gone black?

There’s not a preferences setting to either turn on or turn off a background color in Icon view.

I can’t replicate the problem. One of the usual suspects may be involved:

– a haxie installed on your computer

– a damaged .plist preference file

– system/disk maintenance needed

a haxie installed on your computer?

Got a couple of 'em (haxie) crafty devils freeloading aboard my mothership - So this would be the evil doer turning my icon view black would it - tis a pity.