Icons for Rich Text/Plain Text are too similar

In general, I like the look of the new icons, but I think that the icons for New Plain Text/New Rich Text & Make Plain Text/Make Rich Text are too similar in appearance. Maybe if Plain Text always had a white background and Rich Text always had a colored background it would be clearer.


Wait for the next beta :slight_smile:

Actually, picking up on that, it would be great if we could change the colour of a background in a Rich Text document. I use DTPO quite a bit for writing, and to be able to set yellow text on a reasonably-dark blue background (always been my favourite combo for writing - easy on my eyes) would be excellent.


That’s easy. Create (or use an existing) rich text document. Click in the text area, then press Command-T to invoke Apple’s font/color editor.

Set the font color, then the background.

Would you like to have a template with your chosen text color and background? Simply export a blank, named rich text document in which you have defined the desired font and its size and color and the document background color. Export it as a Template File > Export > as Template.

Now, whenever you wish to create a new rich text document based on your choices, choose Data > New > With Template and select the one you wish to use.

You’re such a tease. :wink:


I like the new icons for plain text. Makes things much clearer. Thanks!