Icons in DT3 hard to differentiate

DT3 is truly remarkable. Thank you for all the work on the new version.
One observation for your consideration: For some of us beyond a certain age, the Indexed, Duplicate and Replicate icons are difficult to differentiate. I know that Duplicates and Replicates can be displayed in different colors, but if one doesn’t wish to do this, the icons look very similar. Would you consider changing their size, shape and/or color?


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The request is definitely noted.

I agree that the icons are a little hard to distinguish right now. However, I wouldn’t just want them to be darker or larger. I already find that they can be a distraction from reading the preview pane.

I find that the way they sit hard against the border between the view and preview panes constantly draws my eye away from the text in the preview pane:


(Yes, this is related to my request to add more default padding to the preview pane in order to facilitate reading!)

A couple suggestions:

  • could the icons float against the right side of the filename? The app Things does this well:

  • move the icons to the left side of the pane (like where flags go)

  • I know I can use the “mark duplicates and replicants in color” preference to hide those icons, but I find the red text just as distracting. Another idea would be to change this preference so it only italicizes the filenames of duplicates and replicants, instead of also coloring them.

Why don’t you just adjust the borders on your text instead? :thinking:
(Couldn’t resist.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I want that extra padding for everything I view, not just one doc. White space is your friend! :wink:

“beauty is in the eye of the beholder” :wink:

And Invention’s mom in Necessity… or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: The old Volkswagen ads of the 1960s had incredible use of white space.:heart:

be inspired…


That’s my favorite advert of that era from them. Also, my first car was a used 1974 Super Beetle Type 1 so I admit a little extra bias.

Not my first car, but I did have a 67 Mustang for a while. Oh so fun. Such a great era for cars.

And Rpror, sorry for hijacking your thread!

And Rpror, sorry for hijacking your thread!

Agreed. At least it shows our forums are relaxed. And it also doesn’t happen a ton! We generally stay pretty focused in threads (which is very nice!) :slight_smile:

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Although the icons may be able to be improved to be more legible (though I think the size is well balanced already), I would like to make a vote against the first suggestion or at least the option to disable it if implemented. The indicators in a single uniform column is much more aesthetically pleasing (to me at least). Having them at the end of file names would seem to introduce a lot of visual noise.

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The DT2 icons for duplicate, replicant, and indexed were easily legible and not too terribly distracting. The new ones are nearly identical little squares of gray – only 9x9 pixels on a non-retina screen. Here’s a comparison using screen shots from DTPO2 and DT3 beta 2 on an ASUS display:

38%20PM 09%20PM
In DT3, if there is a duplicate or a replicant in isolation, it’s hard to tell if it’s light gray or dark gray. I would prefer either the distinct shapes, or the larger size, or both.

While we are at the icons topic… I have been having some trouble with custom icons for scripts that just turn blank in dark mode, although they appear fine in normal mode.

I tried changing it, but the problem persists.

A bug perhaps? Or maybe something on my end?

Looks like a bug with dark mode support.

Could you please zip such a script having a problematic custom icon and send it to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!

Christian, I missed your reply. Do you still need the icons?

No, this shouldn’t be necessary anymore. Beta 4 will fix this.

I’d like to add my vote for both – distinct shapes and larger size.

Agree, have switched on “Text & Icons” for DT3 Beta (which I normally never do) so I can easier differentiate what is what.

Also please align icons in the main toolbar and the preferences dialogue box - at the moment these look like they come from 2 different apps…

Icons in preferences usually still use the old toolbar style, see e.g. Finder or system preferences.