iCoud sync issues


I’m having issues getting data to sync from iCloud to my iPad Pro. Here’s my setup:

1.) MacBook Pro – My daily driver
2.) Mac Mini – Home Server
3.) iPad
4.) iPhone

I do most of my document work on the MacBook Pro. I recently set the MacBook Pro to sync over Bonjour to the Mac Mini. Once all my databases were in sync, I turned on iCloud Drive sync on the MacBook Pro. It synced up. I then turned on iCloud Drive on the Mac Mini. It downloaded and then synchronized over iCloud Drive.

My goal is to have LAN sync when my devices are near each other, and iCloud on the road.

I can see that macOS is very reliable over Bonjour and iCloud Drive. Relatively fast, relatively reliable.

Now for iOS, I enable Bonjour in my iPhone and sync from the Mac Book pro. All the databases sync over, a bit slower than the Macs. Indexing takes way longer, but completes. I then turn on iCloud Drive, and enable the same databases. The sync never gets past the second database. It just spins on the iCloud Drive screen. Initially it says downloading, and show a pie chart that gets about 1/3 through, and then never moves again. So, I restart the phone, disable the screen lock, plug it in, and leave it overnight. The sync never finishes.

Try the same thing on my iPad. MacBook Pro, sync up with Bonjour, then enable iCloud Drive. I try a different database to start same issue. The database download never syncs, after an hour or two.

Next thing I try is to delete and reinstall DTTG on my iPhone. This time, same steps, and after roughly a couple of hours of turning on each database one by one and waiting for it to download and then sync, I think I’ve got everything working.

I repeat the same thing on the iPad, and it’s stuck on the first database. I left it for hours with no progress.

What can I do to troubleshoot DTTG sync on iOS? It’s seems like it can get hung up pretty easily, and not recover.

Another point of interest – I have a gigabyte ethernet adapter and a USB lightning adapter for iPhone/iPad. I’m able to pull well over 100 Mb/s on the adapter with more stability than wifi in many cases. I tried to use this with the iPad to get a better connection to iCloud with DTTG. It seems that DTTG doesn’t understand Ethernet. Safari, others apps were using Ethernet and I was able to do a speed test at 100 Mb/s. In DTTG, when I disabled WiFi it burned through my cellular data. When I turned off cellular as well, so I just had Ethernet active. DTTG acts like I have no connection, when I definitely have solid ethernet. It would be helpful when getting started a big sync to have a solid working Ethernet connection if that could work.



This kind of issue is best handled in Support. In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us.

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