iDrive or Arq Cloud backup preferences

Apologies if this has been covered before but does iDrive work with DevonThink? It is my preferred cloud backup but others recommend Arq. My concern with Arq is that some say it is resource hungry and slow.


iDrive or iCloud Drive?


Did you search first for posts containing iDrive? Most of our users seem to prefer Arq, iDrive isn’t that popular.


I did but the iDrive option appears to come recommended by various magazines. But, as you say, Arq does appear to be recommended by many within the DT3 community.

What do you mean by this?
I’d guess you’re asking if DEVONthink will sync with iDrive and the answer is no.
But sync is not a backup anyways, something that’s been discussed many times.

If you are just wondering if it’s safe to use iDrive as your backup application: your backup process should use a snapshot-style backup, not a real-time or continuous backup. As @cgrunenberg mentioned, Arq is used by many on our forums, including our company president.

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Thank you You have answered my question. Much appreciated

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I had a lot of problems with iDrive due extra charges for over-quota. They say they inform you if you are over your quota and allow some days to regulate, but that is not true. They send nothing and on end of period they charge the extra amount at gold byte price. My last payment was double than the subscription due over quota, and then I cancelled the service forever.



Many thanks. On the guidance from a number in f people in the DT3 Community I went with the Arq option. So far it seems to do the job but it is early days.

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Arq is extremely lightweight, robust, and reliable in my experience. Joins DEVONthink as one of a few truly top-notch Mac apps that I gladly rely on every day.


Very helpful, thanks