If DTTG can be my next notetaking system, I would suggest these points

I am a big fan of having a good handwriting feeling
Comparison of AN, notability, and DTTG, I think DTTG’s handwritting system is much better than notability, and almost the same as AN. it has pros and cons, but cons make DTTG stucks in between AN and notability, sometimes I would even prefer AN for regular note (it has no cornell note) and notability.
Here is my opinion:

  1. Built-in searchable handwriting: AN doesnt have such workflow with DTTG or Devonthink or is complicated to make the note searchable on the other app
  2. Seamless mode: Notability and AN are clearly the winner
  3. selection tool is not a freeform, sometimes its a bit annoying
  4. Customised templates would be nice and efficient, but it is just fine by me

To sum up, I would say DTTG has potential to become my next notetaking, because I mainly use devonthink to manage files and if DTTG is my choice, I dont have to import notes everytime. However, the functions themselves are more for regular PDF and inconvenient for notetaking, would be a shame for such Devonthink this such powerful tool

I have no idea what “AN” is. (I bet I’m not alone.)


I’m guessing Apple Notes. Although I don’t understand how one would take handwritten notes on Apple Notes with the intention of exporting…the export to PDF cuts your handwriting in half where the page ends, with no way of knowing where the page will end while you’re writing. Unless you export to images, which in my opinion is even worse.


Please add more details for this
My experience is the opposite - I prefer the handwriting system in the Notability app
Notes are archived in pdf format (searchable) to Devonthink


I supposed to say AN is apple note, but I forgot to replace it, my bad

What I define handwriting system is more like, the feeling of the handwriting. maybe it is handwriting engine rather than handwriting system, i dont know how to think of the the term to describe the feeling of the handwriting

you could try ZoomNotes as well if the handwriting feeling is better. You can also export searchable PDFs with it and use them in DT

thanks a lot, I would try it now