If I am in a PDF, is there any way to reveal / link to the annotations summary?

I could not find the answer in the forum or help.

Let’s assume I highlighted sections of a PDF:

  • via Tools, I can generate a summary of highlights in RTF format (my preferred format).
  • The RTF contains a link to the original PDF which is very nice.


  • if I am in the PDF, is there a way to link back to the annotations summary ?
  • if I create more annotations, is there a way to update the annotations summary, or do I have to create a new one?
  • is there a simple way to insure that both files remain one next to the other in the file list ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

E.g. by setting the PDF’s URL (see Info inspector) to the summary’s item link, afterwards the summary is available in the Annotations & Reminder inspector of the PDF.

The command creates always a new summary, therefore only by writing your own script for this task.

This depends on the used sorting, e.g. sorting by name would require similar names (e.g. by using the same name for the summary with a suffix like (Summary)

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thank you very much Christian

Both your request and this script Stream annotations from your PDF reading sessions with DEVONthink make me wonder whether an Insert Summary command in the pop-up menu of the Annotations & Reminder inspector would be useful.

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thank you for the script and your reply.
I looked at the Annotations & Reminder inspector, and think that you have a very good idea.

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