If I rate a groups w/ 5 stars, will doing so place them atop ANY search results? (which is desired)

Sorry for my rudimentary question about this :crazy_face:.

I want to assign certain groups to ALWAYS appear first in results–for any search they would appear in. In other words, if they would normally fall towards the bottom of the list, I want them instead to appear at top. Would the star rating feature be suitable to pull this off, i.e. by placing five stars on these particular groups? Or is there a better way? Thanks in advance!


Why not just set the option to Keep groups on top when sorting in the General preferences?

@BLUEFROG That option was already set. Say I were run a search and dozens groups appear as they should on top, I want certain groups among those to appear at the very, very top—above others in the results list. Is there a way to do that? (and/or what exactly is the REAL intended use of star ratings?). People sure seem serious and passionate about it, wanting half-stars and 10 stars and so forth :smile:

I’ve used iTunes practically since the day it was released but never used that feature there or elsewhere. I shamefully still don’t know what they do.

The ratings are optional and their meaning is subjective. For example, some people consider 5 the highest value like, "I won five medals! while others consider 1 the highest like, “I’m number one!”

Yes, you could apply a rating to the groups then add the Ratings header to the item list and sort on it.

@BLUEFROG TY for you response. In your example, the group labeled “Parent” amassed a higher score I see. This is ultimately my question: by giving that group a rating in the first place, does DT’s AI /algorithm put a higher score on manually-ranked groups? If the answer to this is yes, then sorting based on rating wouldn’t even be necessary it would seem.

You’re welcome.
The score is purely numerical. I just chose 5 stars for that folder arbitrarily. The AI doesn’t play into it.

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What does “ keep groups on top” do when it is selected?

Groups are always shown at the top of the item list, regardless of the View > Sort method.