If my computer dies, will my dropbox sync give me a full restore?

While I do have an external backup, should my computer die, could I restore from my dropbox sync?

Maybe. Depends on the status of the files on the DropBox sync location. If computer died during sync, anybody’s guess.

Best to not rely on a sync location as backup. It’s not a backup. Only a special set of files to facilitate movement of DEVONthink files to another computer. The files there are not the DEVONthink files as you would recognise or be able to use directly. But if the files there not corrupted, might be able to sync to another or new computer.

See the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual” for discussion and advice about backups.

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@rmschne is correct on this. You may be able to restore from a sync location, but it’s not intended to be relied on as a backup.

We suggest you have a primary and secondary backup for any data you feel is important to you. A local sync on an external with an online backup via Arq is fairly common in here.

Also, a tertiary backup that is stored off-site, e.g., in a safety deposit box, is also not a bad idea for critical data. This is typically not a daily incremental, but a periodic full backup.

Thank you both, that is what I needed to know.

You’re welcome.

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