IFTTT or Zapier Workflow?

Hello all,

I am still to new to DTPO after jumping ship from Evernote. I am trying to fix my IFTTT recipes to now go to Devonthink instead of Evernote.

I can’t figure it out.

Example Applet. (previously)
If word matches “specific phrase unique to the category in a blog I follow”, then create a new note in Evernote.

Trying to…I know that a note can’t be created automatically bc DT isn’t web-based. (unless I missed something)
If word matches, then grab the file URL, and upload to Dropbox (or Box) (into a folder that DT is watching or should be)

I know something is wrong because when I checked the file that was grabbed was the image of the article, and not the article.

I am also guessing based on searching that it would probably need to be PDF’d first.


DEVONthink is able to index, and display the contents of, all common file types. From the incomplete description of the process you are using to get content from wherever it is coming from (source not specified) to Dropbox, the best guess is that there is something wrong in your IFTTT or Zapier workflow and nothing to do with DEVONthink.

Perhaps if you provided a step by step explanation of how the process works and the problem you experienced, the forum could be a little more helpful?

I am trying to get my RSS feeds into DT.

But I don’t want the whole feed, I want posts that are from a specific category. I know that I can add RSS in DT, but that adds the whole feed.

In IFTTT, I am asking that it searches for the #specifictopic and then send that to a Dropbox folder that is indexed by DT.

I am wondering if someone does anything similar to that at all, or convert to PDF and then send to Dropbox.

Isn’t this a matter of importing an RSS feed to DT, then creating a smart query that searches that feed (which is just a folder) for matching items as another folder?

(Just speculating here, not tried it myself. I should also post up my nearly-working script that takes RSS feeds and replaces their content with the markdown versions of the source URL)

Zapier can grab an RSS item, send it to CloudConvert where it is converted to a different format such as PDF, and then Zapier adds the PDF to Dropbox. CloudConvert is a separate account and charges a fee above a certain usage level (minutes per day, I believe) – so for low-impact use you should be able to get by for free.

Zapier has a sample zap for RSS->CloudConvert->image which you could look at as a starting point.

An alternative is to use Pocket or Mac-based RSS reader and share an individual article to DEVONthink

Or, on iOS, there are sample Workflow workflows (located via Google) to send an RSS item to DEVONthink to Go. This is probably not what you want, but just mentioning it for completeness.