I'm going to say it again--Quicksilver plugin

I’m sure that at least a few DTP users have seen some of the new features of Yojimbo. One of the most significant (and touted) is the Quicksilver plugin. I’ve hacked together scripts for DTP triggered by QS, but this is not very satisfying. The Yojimbo plugin allows you to capture invisibly from whatever application you are in. Please add Quciksilver support soon. I can feel the allure of Yohjimbo over taking my reason.

I agree. DevonThink funcionality within Quicksilver would be a welcome and very useful addition.
Add highlighted text to DT in rtf format
Add highlighted text to DT in plain text
Add web page to DT (safari and firefox)
Add web archive to DT
Add selected e-mail message(s) to DT

Some added functionality that would enhance this is being able to specify the folder to add it to (a user defined folder).
I can come up with more, but I’m trying to set a reasonable task list that would work for most people and not make it overly complex for development.

Finally, I realize that all this can be done already from within the services menu and applescript menu. I believe the increase in usability this would provide, to easily add things to the DT database without hardly taking any time away from what you are currently doing is well worth it. That and it makes it much more accessible to new users (such as myself).

Thanks for considering this.

Please note that I’m not saying that a QuickSilver plugin will never become a feature in the future. The developers are prioritizing DT Pro 2.0 and some other projects at the moment. I think it more likely that emphasis will continue for extensible features available to the user that do not require use of third party applications.

Just a reminder that the requested functionalities already exist (and for more types of downloads than mentioned above), whether or not one is using QuickSilver.

One of my favorite DT Pro features is not as widely recognized by users as I think it should be. How about the ability to select text (and/or images) from almost any application and instantly drag it into your DEVONthink Pro database to a desired group location?

That feature is the floating Groups panel. To make serious use of it, first go to DT Pro’s Preferences > General/Interface. Make sure that the option “Hide ‘Groups’ panel when inactive” is NOT checked. Next, select Tools > Show Groups. When the Groups panel appears I drag it to the right side of my screen and minimize it to the Dock. Now it’s available as a floating panel over any application, just by clicking on its icon in the Dock. Selected text under a browser, Word, Mellel, Pages or almost any application can be dragged onto the panel and placed into any desired group location. When finished, minimize it back to the Dock. Give it a try – it’s really quick and easy. And you won’t have to memorize any keystrokes. :slight_smile:

When you drag selected text images from a browser to a desired group in the Groups panel, DT Pro will attempt to capture the page name and the URL of the source page – that works with Safari, DEVONagent and DT Pro’s own browser, which use WebKit. I don’t have any non-Coca browsers such as Firefox or Camino installed on my MacBook Pro, so I can’t verify that all that information would be available; I doubt it, which is why I rarely if ever use non-Cocoa browsers.

Contextual menus already exist in the DEVONagent and DT Pro browsers to allow quick transfer to the DT Pro database of selected text/images as rich text, the HTML page or a Web Archive of the page. Those don’t require use of a third party utility.

Christian has noted development plans to install a true contextual menu that will be available in most if not all applications. Again, that would not require a third party utility so I think that’s more likely than plugins for other applications such as QuickSilver.

And of course DT Pro’s large scripting dictionary allows for extension of features for a variety of purposes. Example: an existing script would allow one to download just the linked images from a Safari page, if that’s what’s desired, or a Web Archive, or the plain text of a page, etc.

And then there are DT Pro’s “smart” AI features, which I use very heavily. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bill. As always, your posts are very informative and helpful.
I had no idea that was available, and the fact that it’s always on top is very nice. A contextual menu would be wonderful. I have read several posts that it’s in the works, and am looking forward to that feature immensely.
In the meantime, I’ve been running my more frequently used scripts through QS, and have also just found the services hotkeys (Take Rich Note is my official new favorite).
There was a reason I went with DT over Yojimbo, and it’s very apparent the longer you use the software. I just wish everything was a bit more intuitive.

Fortunately, looking at the implementation of Devonagent, it’s obvious they they are making huge leaps in the right direction.

Hi: I’m an avid user of QS and DT Pro. At first I, too, was wild for a QS plug-in for DT Pro. Then I discovered that QS reveals the DT Pro services, and that function works fine for me.

Are there other things that I’m missing here – some other features that a dedicated plug-in should do?

My current process: invoke QS, type “.”, paste in the clipping that I want to send to DTP, tab, type “DTP.” Up comes a selection of “DT Pro: Take Plain Note” “Append Plain Note” “Summarize,” etc. Use the arrow cursor to select the function I want, and QS passes the task over to DTP. (BTW,DA services are also available in this same fashion.)

Waaah, thanks! And special thanks to the developers who wrote the code for this extremely useful feature. There is always something to learn here 8)

Here’s a Quicksilver action for plain text that you might find useful. Go into script editor, paste the following code into a blank document, save it as “devon think pro plain text” into ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions. Then restart quicksilver. Then grab some text using command-esc. Then tab, then right arrow, then type something like dtpp. It will create a plain text document in the path described by the first line of code. You could of course modify the code pretty easily to append to the end of a document that you use for clippings, or set up several scripts destinations, etc. Admittedly, it won’t make web archives, but you can do this just by including devonthink’s script folder in your quicksilver paths. And yes, the services plug-ins are also handy, although I have to admit that sometime this quicksilver action is nice, for example, you can use it to pipe text from the command line into devonthink: man xxx | qs and then tab right arrow dttp is great for example…



property destination_group_location : "/file elsewhere/text snippets/"

using terms from application "Quicksilver"
	on process text qs_text
		tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
			if not (exists record at destination_group_location) then
				set destination_group to create location destination_group_location
				set destination_group to get record at destination_group_location in current database
			end if
			set the_Title to ((characters 1 thru 30 of qs_text) as string)
			set new_item to create record with {type:txt, plain text:qs_text, name:the_Title} in destination_group
		end tell
	end process text
end using terms from 

Well, that did it. Thanks for letting me know about the services plugin. The get selection QS Action and take plain note made it just as easy as the services shortcut.
In addition, I created a gesture (Abracadabra plugin) to trigger the create Web Archive script, and it works perfectly. Now I just have to play with the script Eric so graciously provided, and I’ll be just about as happy as a clam.

Whatever that means. :smiley:

I agree, the user base for DTP is very creative and productive. What I would like to see is either a well organized script download site for DTP or some other very easy and obvious way to add new features to DTP. I have seen more and more people using Yojimbo (and even Stickybrain or Circus Ponies) when clearly DTP has much more potential. BUT many of the feature requests are addressed with applescripts. This means that you must sift through this forum to find snippets to splice together. Don’t get me wrong. I love DTP and Applescript, but I also love spending time using DTP. Not trying to hammer together the exact feature I want. A good example would be the AS I finally cobbeled together to create web archives from Firefox. I spent 2hrs over two days to add this ability to DTP. I’d be willing to be that potential new users out there try the demo of DTP and say “Well, without feature X, I just can not justify buying this”. Sorry, for the long post, but I just realized that I keep a DTP database just for keeping all the Applescript code I find for DTP. That seems kind of silly.

There’s a list of some user-created scripts at http://www.devon-technologies.com/products/devonthink/scripts.html.

We would welcome user recommendations of additional scripts to be included in the list. Please send recommendations to Support (select Help > Support to trigger the message in your default email application).

Hey Bill, is that list of scripts still available? The posted link just forwards to the Devon homepage.

devon-technologies.com/suppo … ripts.html

You guys are all awesome. Thanks for all the user-on-user support. This is one of the best user communities for any application.

That was quick! Thanks Milhouse.

Re. the Floating Groups Panel.

Fantastic Tip! My DT Pro user satisfaction has gone up a couple of notches. Many thanks, Bill.


just to note, the scripts page linked in this thread is not resolving