I'm scared of tags and how they make my data appear trashed

So here’s the deal. I import my email into DTPO. I’ve got a local folder in Mail.app named “Import to DTP” that I drag the emails into. Periodically I use the import functionality to pull them into DTPO. This now tags every email with “Import to DTP” which I don’t want. I organize the emails, then go to delete the tag from the tag list…now at this point, if I search for an email that had that tag, it only shows me the entry in the trash. It doesn’t seem to know about the real entry. Now at this point, if I empty the trash, I can search for and find the entry I’m looking for, in the group that I put it in.

This is extremely weird to me. And it’s not something that I’ve gotten comfortable with. I’m not a fan of searching for my stuff, finding it appear only in the trash, and then emptying the trash to make it show up again. You can see how I wouldn’t be very confident in that process, how I’d be scared that somehow I’d mess up and lose some important email forever. So now what I do is, I drag everything that’s still tagged into a folder in Finder, empty the trash, and then verify that my emails are where I expect them to be.

Honestly, wtf?

So I know a lot of work has gone into tags, but I’m not using them, and the only place where this comes up is importing email. Could someone give me some tips? At this point I’m looking for alternative options to archive my email, but I’d really rather not do that. I don’t know anything about DTP’s tagging mechanism right now, and I intend to read the manual and learn all that I can about it, but it’s a ridiculously low priority for me this minute.

You could either completely ignore this (because the tag is just the group containing the emails), exclude this group from tagging (via the contextual/action menu or the Info panel) or exclude all groups of the database from tagging (see File > Database Properties).

Did you delete the “tag” from the Tags bar (at the bottom of the window) or from the Tags view?

Okay I just set my global inbox to exclude from taggings. No more probs now. Thanks!