Image Capture and OCR

If I capture an image on my iPhone using DTTG, will that image be OCR’d when I sync to my DTPO later?

No, OCR won’t happen automatically.

But you can, of course, select the image after it has been synced back to your Mac DT Pro Office database and choose Data > Convert > to searchable PDF.

Note: Depending on the quality of the image, you may get more accurate OCR recognition and conversion of the text content if you first process the image in a photo editor (I usually use GraphicConverter for this). I’ll usually improve the white balance (for better contrast) and kick up the image resolution to 300 dpi, before doing the OCR conversion. This little trick helps the OCR software to better recognize text characters, and so improves the accuracy of the converted text. I can usually get very useful OCR conversion, assuming that there wasn’t too much camera shake and the lighting was reasonably good.

Actually, it will be OCR’d automatically when you say so in DEVONthink To Go’s settings. :slight_smile:

Fantastic, this is the final selling point for me. I’m anxiously awaiting the release.

I presume you mean, “OCR’d automatically when it gets synced into DEVONthink” ?


What Eric said, but the OCR is optional. Or putting it another way, documents will be OCR’d automatically when synced to DEVONthink Pro Office if the DEVONthink To Go preference for ‘Run OCR on Images’ is set to ‘On’.

Now that DTTG has been released, I’ve been able to test this functionality out. It looks like the OCR’d text is stored in the Comment field for the image. However, it seems that the Comment is not part of the search criteria in DTTG. Is this an oversight in the design of the Search functionality?