Image does not update in markdown file

On DT 3.0.4:

When I include an image in a markdown and preview the markdown item,
And I edit the image in an external editor and reopen the markdown item,
Then the image is still the old one : markdown preview has some caching issues it seems.

Does emptying the cache (see DEVONthink 3 menu) fix this? DEVONthink does not cache the image on its own but the WebKit which is used to preview Markdown documents does.

Emptying cache plus restarting DT works.

But only emptying the cache isn’t sufficient?

No. I tried to reopen the file etc. Seemed not.

I have the same issue. I understand the reason for the cache, but it would be great if it was somehow possible to “refresh assets” from a markdown file to avoid having to duplicate and re-import edited images.

Have you tried using Data > Convert > to HTML ? Do you see the updated images in the new file?

Yes, when converting to HTML the image is updated. Renaming the image and adding the renamed image to the Markdown file also pull in the latest version.

Don’t rename and relink.
Make your edits and save them.
Try ignoring the apparent lack of update and continue editing the file.
Come back to the file in a bit. Do you see the updated file?

No it doesn’t seem to update no matter how long I wait, or how many edits I make to the image or the markdown file. Closing and reopening the database doesn’t help either.

The only way I’ve found to make it update (without renaming the image) is to restart DT (emptying the cache turned out not to be necessary, a restart will suffice).

bumpity bump bump!

Experiencing the same bug with markdown documents, the builtin markdown previewer only updates (both CSS and linked x-devonthink-item PDFs) with a restart of DEVONthink.

Was driving me crazy for a bit trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to see the changes I was making to a CSS template :laughing:.

Just to clarify, it’s only the CSS/linked items that will not refresh - text and other updates refresh in the previewer on save of the markdown document itself.

Thanks for all the hard work!

DT caches those. While generally caching is good, I’m wondering what the point might be for a usually relatively small file?

Actually the WebKit does. Therefore emptying the cache (see app menu) might help.