"Image Edit" HUD window - is this new or what?

I happened on this by accident earlier this evening: I was browsing through some files in a group on one of my databases when one caught my attention. I selected it and then had my cursor over the image and without realizing what I was doing, I double-clicked on the image. The cursor at the time was the “grabby hand” type. Once I double-clicked, a little black HUD (head’s up display) window appeared with the name “Image Edit.” Screen capture below shows what I mean.

This puppy is glued to DTPO in that if I click another application’s window then click Image Edit, DTPO becomes the frontmost application. Hiding DTPO causes Image Edit to also go into hiding.

I looked in the Help and here online and couldn’t find anything relating to it. Is this an artifact of some other application or is it a DTPO plugin that I’m not (surprisingly) familiar with?


Image Edit.png

The Image Edit panel is mentioned in the 2.0 beta documentation for DTPO on page 214:

Double-clicking an imported image opens an edit panel that allows you
to do some basic image editing. For indexed images, editing is not (yet)
• Change the exposure
• Set white and black point.
• Change gamma, saturation, contrast, and brightness.
• Adjust sharpness.
• Adjust sepia effect.
In addition it offers a number of predefined image effects and lists
available meta data contained in the image file itself.