Image folder created by Typora

Hi guys,

I use DT3 + Typora frequently to write markdown notes, which works pretty fine but I am a bit concerned regarding the image folder created by Typora.

When pasting a image to Typora, it will create a folder named as ${filename}.assets in the same folder as the markdown file. The image folder, as expected, does not appear in DT3. I am actually satisfied with this since I don’t need the image folder to be visible as long as the image can be properly previewd (it does!).

But I do worry whether this will be a stable solution in the long run. In particular, because the image folder and the markdown file are not “bundled”, I will lose the images after moving the markdown file. I am also worried that, even if I do not explicitly move the md file, some changes in the underhood database structure will implictly move my md file and I will lose track of my images?

So how do you guys manage images in md format? In particular, how do you make sure that the link between file and images are robust to file movings?

Very appreciate your thoughts!

Appendix: screenshots for the folder structure

I use Typora’s iPic plugin to automatically upload dragged images to a remote service – in my case, AWS. The images are then viewable from Typora, DTP, and DTTG. Conceptually I’d prefer to use DT to store the images rather than AWS, but as a practical matter, this ends up working out well for what I need.

Thank you for sharing! I probably shall also try iPic.