Images from Safari?

Is there an easy way to capture images from a web page? I use the Services ->Take note all the time, having been a “InfoWorker” for 4 or 5 days now. I was wondering if there was something similar for pictures - I know I can drag them into a window, but there are always 3 ways of doing anything on a Mac!


I am not quite sure what you mean by “window” so may be you are doing the same. Here is what I do:

  1. Drag and drop to Desktop
  2. Drag and drop to Devonthink
  3. Delete the desktop copy

I’ll also appreciate any shorter way.


There are a couple of ways I do it, depending on the file format that I want in the database. The quickest way I know of is to right-click on the image in Safari and select Copy Image. Then I right-click on the DT Pro icon in the dock and select New With Clipboard>my destination folder. This will store the image in DT as a tiff file regardless of the original format. Another option which will preserve the original file format is to drag the image out of Safari into DT’s floating Groups pane. The latter method is a little harder for me to do as the image, even though it is translucent, makes it difficult to see which folder I am dragging the image into.

Thank you both!

This is the way I had been doing it up to now. I just thought there might be another way

It is a nice way, but on my 12 inch Powerbook screen space is precious so I do not keep groups window open. May be we can add a “feature request” as dropping images from safari to the dock icon also gets the images in the database. Probably it is the easiest way for everybody.


pj, what’s nice about the floating Groups panel is that it can be minimized to the Dock, so that it doesn’t take up screen space but is always available in any application.

One can drag selected text or image into any desired group in the database with the Groups panel, rather than to a single destination.

Give it a try. Here’s how:

In Preferences > General make certain that Hide “Groups” panel when inactive is not checked.

Select Tools > Show Groups. Move the Groups panel to the right side of your screen and set its height to the maximum height of your screen. Now minimize the panel. It sits in the Dock, waiting to be used.

To use it, click on its icon in the Dock. It will now float on the right side of your screen, ready to receive dragged content.

I agree with pj. The floating groups in the dock idea is great (although as a lefty I put it on the other side) but I think a drag to the dock icon would be nice. IT could always add it to my default “inbox” if a default “pictures” folder couldn’t be added. Still, the only thing I miss about StickyBrain is the ability to use right click and send to a predifined folder. (I just couldn’t continue will SOSO Notes - their loss is D-T’s gain!)

pj, just for a touch of variety, note that your global Scripts menu holds options for saving an image (or linked images) from a Safari page to your DT Pro database.

Note that Add image to DEVONthink only works with a single image opened in a separate tab/window, i.e. it doesn’t “extract” images embedded on pages like I’d hoped when I first tried it.

Btw, many DTP scripts could use more detailed descriptions and even some usage examples. Most are documented with little more than what you can already figure out from the script name itself and not everyone is keen on reading their AppleScript source. :slight_smile: