Images in .doc and .rtf imports

I just realized that I must still be confused about something, even though I’ve been using DT every day for a couple of months now I guess. I thought that importing a .rtf or a .doc (converting it to a .rtf) or linking to a .doc would show the images in the original document in the DT browser window but that is not happening, all I’m getting or viewing is the text. Is it supposed to only display the text and not the images or do I have something set wrong?

Another thing I’m wondering. I noticed that Bill referred to using the webkit browser in DT for his web surfing. I can do this in DA but not in DT. Am I missing something here or is that only availble in the DT Pro beta version?

One additional thing. When in DA and accessing a .pdf there seems to be no way to open it or to use the adobe reader utility. Is there a way and I’m missing it?

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[1] Right. Importing a .doc or (Word) .rtf will only display text. The document would have to be launched under Word to see the images. Haven’t seen much lately about text improvements in Tiger, but it would be nice if Word RTF files could be properly rendered.

[2] The WebKit browser works both in DT PE and DT Pro. I’ve copied the URLs of the sites that I visit most frequently into a Bookmarks group in my database. Example: The URL for Science Magazine. Every Thursday afternoon I click on that bookmark and browse through the new online issue of Science. Whenever I find an article that I’d like to add to my database, I can use the contextual menu to either Capture Page or Capture Note (of selected text/images). That’s really quick and convenient. (You can do almost the same with DA, in that you can add the current page or selected material to DT via Data > Add To DEVONthink > HTML Page / Link / Selection. But DA doesn’t let you select the group in DT that’s to receive the addition. Using DT WebKit, the new items go to the group selected in Preferences > Editing.)

[3] I don’t like the Acrobat plugin for viewing PDF in my Web browser. I use PDF Browser Plugin, which is free for personal or educational use. It works great, does more than the Acrobat plugin and is trouble-free in my experience. PDF Browser Plugin works great with the DEVONagent browser. Check it out at

[1] OK, thanks for the info. Seems odd that DT can store images but can’t manage them from a .rtf document.

[2] I must be having a dense day. I can’t find any way to surf the web in DEVONthink. I tried, for example, to past into DT and nothing made it open in DT, although it did open in Safari in one instance. Could you please step by step tell me how to make this work? Do I have to paste it in some particuar way or have something I’m missing set in prefs or what?

[3] I’ll go right now to try out this plug-in before I forget.


Create a new link document (Data > New > Link). Enter the URL as the name of the document. In the Horizontal or Vertical Split View select the new link. The page will load in the document/preview pane.



Thanks, that worked. I would have sworn I already tried that same thing.


OK, I’ve got this running in Safari (haven’t restarted DA yet, have searchs on the screen) and it seems much faster than the Acrobat plugin. I have a couple of questions. I notice that, unlike the Acrobat plug-in, the services are mostly functional but the .rtf in the DT services is not. Do you have any idea why that is? Also, is there any way to select text using this plugin? I often don’t necessarily want the entire .pdf in DT, only a portion of it. This was possible using acrobat but I’m not finding it in PDF Browser Plugin. Sorry to keep bothering you guys.


[1] Christian, I’ve been creating my bookmarks in DT by copying a URL from Safari to the clipboard, going to my Bookmarks group in DEVONthink and pressing Command-N to create a new note from the clipboard. Then I rename the item, e.g., replacing the URL in the name with “Science Magazine WWW.” This has worked for me. Any downside compared to the method you recommended?

[2] ChemBob, you are correct that PDF Browser Plugin doesn’t let you select text in a PDF document. I hadn’t noticed that, since I generally save the PDF to my “Fodder for DEVONthink” folder, then import the text to my DT database.

But PDF Browser Plugin lets you open the file in Preview, where you can select text and send it via Services to DEVONthink. Then flip back to Safari (or DEVONagent, etc.), copy the URL and past it into the Info URL field of your new DT note. This is an extra step compared to Acrobat’s plugin, but I would still prefer PDF Brower Plugin.

No, DEVONthink recognizes what type of data you have in your clipboard (text, image, link) and creates the right type of document for you.