Images in DT Pro beta

I am beginning to use the now released DT Pro after having used the personal edition for the last 9 months. One of the things I have used both programs for is to view folders of images from my digital camera. I seem to recall an old post to the forum saying that DTPro would support image rotation and would be able to display and catalog the EXIF info. Does this exist and I can’t find it or has it not (yet?) been implemented?

If it is not slated to be part of the final 1.0 release, I would like to request that it be given a high priority!

Select Scripts (symbol) > Images and check out the options.Note that one of them will transfer EXIF information to the Comments field in the Info panel.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Bill. Obviously I need to explore the Scripts menu more thoroughly. Off hand, do you know if the rotation commands offer lossless jpeg rotation or do they just tell DTP to display the jpeg rotated 90° while leaving the original image untouched?

Honestly, I don’t know. Like you, I would prefer lossless rotation. I haven’t had time to play with image manipulation yet. :slight_smile: