Images to searchable PDF

Just wanted to share something I’ve been using in tandem with DT.

On my job, I attend a lot of virtual meetings with presentations. While taking notes, I like to take screenshots of the presentation along with my comments. Some of these screenshots contain text and thought it would be nice to get OCR versions of them so they can be searched afterward.

For this purpose, I built a shortcut that:

  1. Selects images from the photo roll
  2. Combine them in a PDF
  3. Run OCR
  4. Save searchable PDF on my markdown note attachments folder, the name of the PDF is a new UUID to prevent conflicts
  5. Copy the embedded PDF markdown link to the clipboard so that I can later paste it on my note

I use Prizmo for OCR, and Toolbox Pro to save the final PDF on its intended destination, as iOS doesn’t let you save outside the Shortcuts iCloud Drive folder (at least in iOS 14).

My notes reside on the Obsidian folder on iCloud Drive, with attachments on an “attachments” subfolder right there.

Link to the shortcut: Images to searchable PDF markdown link



Very good. Thanks for sharing.

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