Import a database from dropbox

Must be so easy but not sure if I got it right. I have finally uploaded all my databases on dropbox and have synced my other mac (laptop) to the same sync store. Now I am ready to use them however I am not sure how to import them. When I go to sync > choose location > my sync store, I can only see the open database and none of the remote ones. So if I want to make changes on my laptop how would I be importing the updated databases from my desktop? It must be the incoming connections that are not working but mine are only linked to Bonjour? Dropbos is on and working fine.

Do you use the same Dropbox account on both Macs?

Yes, same dropbox account and sync store. But cannot see Remote in either of the computers once the dtbs were imported locally.

You won’t. The Remote section shows databases that either (1) aren’t imported, or (2) aren’t open in DEVONthink.

Thanks. So, if I want to open a database, I go to the local folder?

Yes. You are not accessing databases on the cloud (your databases aren’t there) or on another machine. You are accessing locally stored resources.

And just in case, you should never put your databases in any cloud-synced folder (including the Documents or Desktop folders if you are using the disk management feature in macOS 10.12 Sierra). ​Never. If you have, you ​must ​relocate them immediately or you could irreparably damage them. The safest location is a folder in your Home Directory, like ​~/Databases​. Quit DEVONthink and move your databases to a new folder in your Home directory.

I fell ill and didnt get a chance to thank you, thank you @Bluefrog! I have been working with no issues so far apart working from my desktop. Also, my laptop imported the database successfully and has been syncing smoothly. Problem is when I made changes in my laptop they have never been updated in my desktop - why could that be? Many thanks

Always check for errors in DEVONthink’s Window > Log or DTTG2’s Sync icon in the bottom toolbar. (It will show a warning triangle, if an error has been logged.)

Not able to import databases but I am seeing them, see atttached
No Logs, same dropbox account (obviously) and everythign kosha. Any reaosn why is this happening? must appreciated
Screenshot 2017-11-23 19.06.37.png