import a pdf into DT

Despite the fact that this has been asked before, I couldn’t figure it out, so please bear with me.
I want to import a PDF of a scientific article form, e.g. Physical review letters (PRL) directly into DTP. I do the following:

  1. after finding the article on the PRL site, it opens a PDF file in the browser window (Safari, DTP or DA).

  2. Selecting PDF (One page) or PDF (Paginated) or using the import script from Safari downloads only the image of the first page, sort of like clip the wiewport, or a black page.

Clicking on the diskette icon saves the pdf on HD - something that i would like to avoid.



Cannot reproduce.

Assuming you have placed the DEVONthink Inbox in your Finder sidebar, if you have a PDF on display in Safari, you can use either File > Save As or File > Export as PDF… and save directly into the DEVONthink Inbox. Or use File > Share > Save to DEVONthink (set to one of the PDF types – single page or paginated). Over here, also, the Clip to DEVONthink extension will save PRL PDFs to DEVONthink.

Sometimes PDF imports fail if you do not have the rights to save PDFs from a site.

Smells like you have the Acrobat Reader plugin installed. I would suspect that’s the cause of the problem and highly suggest removing it.

I can’t reproduce the issue here either.

Thank you BLUEFROG!
Indeed it was a silly AdobePDFViewer.plugin. After removal, everything works as expected.



No problem. Glad to be of service. :smiley:

Impressive debugging by Bluefrog. I despise AdobePDFViewer, because it insidiously reappears on my system, and then always creates problems.

PDFViewer and FlashPlayer = evil :mrgreen: Sometimes “the devil you know” but almost always leads to dismay.