Import a website as a web archive

I open a URL in safari on my iphone, share it (Clip to DT) but can only do a bookmark (instead of a instapaper web archive or just a web archive).

I am wondering, what is the supposed workflow to get a web archive in on ios?


This is the workflow, however what options are available depends on the information we get from the application (Safari, in this case). We are looking at ways to better this.

Ok but I still don’t understand. What is the workflow?

  • create a bookmark on ios
  • sync it to the desktop
  • open it in safari on the desktop
  • clip it with instapaper
  • go back to devonthink and delete the bookmark

Did i get it right? are there no shortcuts?

Sorry the term “workflow” is overused nowadays. I wasn’t offering any specific routine. Just advice on the problem with the web clipping.

Ok, sorry but what advice? Please make a suggestion of how to get a website on ios as an instapaper-ed web archive into DT.