Import Apple notes with images

I have plenty of Apple Notes I’d like to import to Devonthink. Many of these are from travels and include both text and images. I tried the Devonthink import from Apple Notes, but it didn’t retain images in the original notes, though it did keep them in attachments folder. Is there a way to import Apple Notes with images in the original notes? If not, is such an option coming in future? I noticed that with the last update of Devonthink To Go you can send one Apple Note to Devonthink and it’ll keep the image in place.

See Apple Notes import with attachment links

Thanks for the link. I’ll repeat to others who want to have images in imported Apple Notes that if you open Notes in iOS (iPad or iPhone) and press the share button with “Clip to Devonthink”, it will include both the note and image when saved as “Formatted”. It works only for single notes, but it’s better than nothing.