Import Bookmarks from CSV file

HI, I am wanting to import a list of bookmarks (title, URL, tags, notes) from Omnifocus. I’ve exported from Omnifocus to a CSV file, and deleted the irrelevant columns, etc, but it doesn’t appear that DT3 can import such a file. Any thoughts?

TIA, Joe

I’d script that, and there might already be a script available to do what you want.

Can you export as HTML from OmniFocus?

You could

  • extract all URLs from the CSV
  • create a text record in DEVONthink
  • paste the URLs (separated by a new line)
  • use this script to create bookmarks in DEVONthink.

Or if they can export an HTML file, they may be able to use File > Import > Bookmarks from HTML File. :smiley:

OmniFocus can export as HTML but it seems it’s not the kind of HTML that DEVONthink expects.

No idea. I don’t run OmniFocus here at the moment.

Any example file (both exported HTML and CSV files) would be appreciated.

OmniFocus (3.1 KB)

Thank you! The HTML export is unfortunately useless, the links are just plain text. But the CSV export is usable by converting it to HTML in DEVONthink :grin:

Afterwards all links can accessed e.g. via the Document > Links inspector (select all, copy them and then use Data > New from Clipboard) or downloaded via Scripts > Download.

But they take a lot of care to style it and also use a deprecated DOCTYPE. Lovely.

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This inspector will support sheets in the next release too.