Import Circus Ponies .nb files?

I’m assuming based on some trial and error that DT Pro can’t import Circus Ponies .nb file format and can’t search the contents of those files. Is that accurate or am I missing something?

That’s correct. Importing/Displaying such files would be more or less identical to rebuilding CircusPonies Notebook (which is of course no possibility :wink:)

You could export them as HTML and then import the HTML into DEVONthink. I’ve done that, it works fine.

Or, you can export from NoteBook as OPML, and import the OMPL into DEVONthink. This works quite well also. The only issue here is you really get one document per line in NoteBook – it gets pretty crowded. But it certainly does work, for searching purposes.

Oh that’s great. I’m just interested in making Notebook data available for search. I can always open the found file in Notebook for organizational purposes.