Import doesn't work


I Can’t import anymore any file in DTPO. Open a pdf -with DTPO by default- doesn’ work, nor drag and drop to the app or the inbox.

I restarted, reinstalled, replace the .plist file : nothing.

Any idea ?

Are you able to open a new window (see File > New Window > …)?

Yes,I can open a new window…

another information : most of the import options are greyed (screen capture attached).

Question: Have you perhaps instructed to Finder to treat DTPO as the parent application for PDFs (in the Info panel)? If so, that’s not a good idea, as the Finder has assigned .dtBase2 files to open under DTPO.

It that was the case, select a PDF and edit in the Info panel to another application such as Preview for the default application to open PDFs.

The global inbox seems to be read-only. Either due to wrong ownership/permissions or because it’s been locked in the Finder. See ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.dtBase2.

Thanks Bill & Christian,

I tried what you suggested, and it didn’t work…

Then, staring at DT window, I dbleclicked on the database… and I then realized that it wasn’t opened !
Everything is fine now.
Sorry, I should have found it by myself…

One more thing : you definitively don’t suggest to set DT as the default app for PDFs ?

Thanks again.

I’m not representing Dtech, but am pretty sure DT is only expecting its own databases to be directly opened by it so it doesn’t make sense for PDF and other file types to use it as their default app.

That’s correct. DO NOT set a DEVONthink application as the default application to open PDFs, for the reason noted by SJK.