Import file from disk with tags


this might seem like a trivial question, but i can’t figure out how to do it :wink:

how can i import a file from disk and assign tags and a group to it? i use the bookmarklets in the browser to import webarchives/pdf and when i assign a group to the file i have a textfield where i can assign.
when i drag and drop it from the Finder to the icon of devonthink, i get the same popup for the groups but no tag textfield?


As drag & drop on the Dock/FInder icon of the application is a batch operation supporting multiple folders/files, this is not yet possible. Therefore you have to assign the tags afterwards.

ok. thanks.

the smart group ‘Today’ has a bug. it filters on Date modified rather than Date added which is wrong as it wouldn’t find PDFs that are imported today but keep their timestamp.

It’s not a bug, but the intended behavior of the default Today smart group. You can change it by right-clicking on the smart group, select ‘Edit…’, and change ‘Date Modified>is>Today’ to ‘Date Added>is>Today’.

uhm, i see. thanks