Import Files and Folders

Our scenario: We have two laptops that must be synchronized so they have the same data on them at all times.

We each export our changes and e-mail the files, then import -> files and folders.

The problem is when we import the information it doesn’t go into the folders (or new folders) as we thought it would. It all gets dumped into a new group folder - to which we then have to copy the information to its correct spot, then remove the previous note as it wasn’t over-written in the copy.

Are we missing something? This is a lot of work.

Clearly we are but no one can help.


Synchronization of databases has been a frequent topic on the forums.

There seems to be four basic approaches to the problem:

  1. Wait for DT Enterprise (no release date, seems a year or more off)
  2. Use DevonSync
  3. Manually synchronize
  4. Roll your own

#1 and #3 are not for me. #2 does not suit my needs, so I’ll be going with #4 when I get time to work on it. My understanding is that DevonSync will not sync partial databases (though I haven’t verified that), so it may not meet your needs either.

As for your import problems, remember that when you ‘import’ you are creating a new record (/group/whatever) in DT.

If the files are indexed rather than imported, you can use ‘synchronize’ to update the contents of DT after you have received an email of the changed files. This will not work with records created inside DT though.

Alternatively, you could write an applescript that performs the import into a temporary group, then moves the files to their coorrect locations.

We tried DevonSync - and it was OK. Though, even after reducing the number of machines that needed to by sync’d to two (instead of three) DevonSync never worked solid enough. We constantly lost data on one end.

We are now used to the extensive export routine - its a time waster, but it does work.

Hope synchronization makes it to the next version, and doesn’t cost to much to upgrade. We just bought these licenses.

Thanks for the input.