Import Flash swf files?

Hi. I’m a graphic designer who uses DevonThink as a scrapbook for all my reference material. I store mostly graphics like JPEGs, but I have a growing collection of Flash files that I would like to include for reference as well. I’m currently using DEVONthink 1.9.9, and it does not seem to support Flash files (or at least not current versions). Am I just out of luck, or is there a workaround? Are there any plans to support the format in the near future?

Yeah - a very good idea.

DT supports only those Flash versions supported by QuickTime.

I’ve imported .swf files just fine. Is there a difference between quicktime and quicktime pro for playing flash files? I have the pro version, which may be why I can play it. I also have flip4mac, which may be doing it for me.

Playback of QuickTime and QuickTime Pro should be identical (only exception being QuickTime Player :slight_smile:)

I had a feeling that would be the response. So we’re stuck hoping that QuickTime updates their support for Flash? Is that likely?

I currently view my Flash files in the stand-alone Flash Player from Adobe. Is there no possibility to utilize that in DT to support swf files?

Out of curiosity, if you import a Flash file version that is supported by QickTime, do you get a preview image or just an icon of some sort?

Usually you should get a preview icon if thumbnailing is enabled (see Preferences > QuickTime).

Thanks Christian. What are your thoughts on my other queries - is it just a matter of time until QuickTime catches up to Flash, or is it possible they won’t bother? If so, any chance DT could utilize Adobe’s Flash Player in future upgrades? Or is Flash support just not that high on the ‘want’ list for DT users?

That’s a question only Apple can answer.


That’s likely as this is the first Flash request (as far as I remember).