Import from Evernote: embedded .pdf problem

I finally decided to get out of Evernote and import all those notes into Devonthink.

So I started with one Evernote Notebook. Not too big. 128 notes. Exported from Evernote into an .enex file, and then imported that into DevonThink. Worked great. But …

Any note from my Evernote file that had a .pdf embedded in it appears in DevonThink as a group: one document in the group is the main body of the note with a link to the .pdf instead of showing the .pdf. The other document in the group is the .pdf itself.

This is odd. If a note has a .jpg embedded in it it shows up just fine in DevonThink as a note with a jpeg showing in it. Only .pdfs show up as separate notes. This won’t work for me. So is there any way I can fix this? Any way to force DevonThink to show the .pdf as the actual .pdf and not as a link to the .pdf in another note?

No, and this is a product of the mechanism Evernote has for importing via AppleScript. If you export directly from Evernote, you’ll see the same results.

Both groups are exports directly from Evernote.

PS: Evernote isn’t showing an embedded PDF in the document either. Evernote notes are a proprietary HTML page showing linked assets.

if you decide to change from Evernote to DT you’ve also to change your workflow. Or you’ll fail - as I did. In Evernote everything is inside a note (whether this is good or not is a separate story - I love it), in DT everything is in a Group. If you prefer to have a Note containing nice formatted text, images, inline PDFs, checkmarks, tables and…a reminder…stop migrating to DT. Or, seperate the things into a Group and continue using DT.

Hi - thanks for the reply. I’m fine with changing my workflow if I need to - my concern now is what to do with the thousands of notes already in Evernote. If they import funkily, I’d have to manually fix the ones that need it, and that just might be a bridge too far. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience.

Or you could use rich text which does almost all of this.

I am experimenting with Notebooks as an alternative to Evernote to use within DT - does anyone have any experience with this?

It seems you can have notes that include images etc (similar to Evernote)