Is there a way to automate an import from a MAC folder ?

My purpose is to automate my scan procedure from a network scanner up to the DevonThink inbox. Right now, my scans goto a Mac folder as a pdf file. I need to go in DevonThink and manually ask for a import from file/folder. I would like the software to do this automaticly so that my scans go to DevonThink inbox. I looked at the script features but couldn’t find a way to do that.

I know that using ScanSnap you can scan directly to inbox, but I would like to use my actual network scanner.

Thanks for the help.

You could assign the “Action Import.scpt” folder action (see folder Extras > Scripts > Folder Actions on downloaded disk image) to the folder. Another possibility is to scan to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox as this folder is monitored by DEVONthink Pro.

Hi, a related question:

I like how I can just save to the DTPO Inbox from the Finder, and next time DTPO starts up it automatically imports those files.

I would like to make a separate Inbox like that for each of my databases, since I find it onerous to have all files go to one global inbox, and then have to drag them to the respective databases.

Is there any way I can do this?


Not in the same way, no. The Inbox in a database doesn’t actually exist so there’s nowhere to transfer the files on the filesystem.

As BLUEFROG noted, the approach you had in mind isn’t available. But there are alternatives to consider.

Alternative whether or not the DEVONthink app is running and a database target is open:

  1. The Sorter, by default, has one filled filing slot for the Global Inbox and others that are empty. You can drag the Inbox group of other databases into empty slots, and that would allow use of the Sorter to send new items dragged into those slots to your other databases. If the DEVONthink application isn’t running or the designated database isn’t currently open, the added items will be held in the Sorter until the database target is opened. It is also possible to drag specific groups of database other than the Inbox group into empty Sorter slots, but IMHO that quickly becomes clumsy and confusing when a large number of such slots are used.

Alternative when the target database is open:

  1. Set Preferences > Import - Destination to Select group. When using most menu commands, scripts or Services to Import new items the result will be presentation of a HUD that allows the user to choose any group in any open database as the filing target.

DEVONthink Pro Office is so central to most of my work, with a suite of open databases, that it is always running on my Macs. I usually use alternative 2).

But there are cases for use of the Global Inbox, when batches of items are being captured that will have to be separated later for filing into appropriate databases. For example, when I’m scanning miscellaneous documents that will be filed among multiple databases I send them to the Global Inbox. Later, I’ll choose Tools > Show Groups & Tags, which allows me to select one or multiple items for filing, then drag & drop them into any group in any open database. Note that the Classify filing assistant doesn’t work across databases. Perhaps I’ve collected 42 new documents in the Global Inbox that belong in the same database but in different groups. In that case I’ll drag that set to the Inbox of the appropriate database, and then use Classify or Auto Classify to reduce filing drudgery.

Once more, I’m reminded of the late Senator Russell Long’s aphorism: There are more ways to kill a cat than by stuffing it with butter. :slight_smile:

I can think of still more wrinkles on directing stuff to databases, but there are enough already to get started.


Judging from the replies here, there is a script for importing from a specific mac folder. Where can I find it?

I have no knowledge of scripting, but I am assuming that somewhere the source and destination folder paths needs to be added to the script.

I have opened up these scripts before and they look like chicken scratch. That is, I have no idea of how to read them. I wish there were some universal element that said “change this”. I would go there using find and realize why. Not so simple?

Also, importing into the specific folder must require another script. I can get KBM to press the import key combination, but I need an automated way to specify the box of each group where specific files are sorted. There are many groups below that level, but making so many scripts would be overwhelming. So, I am assuming drag drop if I feel like it, otherwise assume that I will be able to find the text anyway because of the power of DTOP search. Really, I wonder why I am so obsessive about all these groups. It’s a habit from pre DTOP I suppose and maybe I should have fewer tree branches of groups below groups. Or as a one time process, this is worth setting up just for my peace of mind.

I am triggering it with a Keyboard Maestro trigger, so I will need to figure out which part of the script to copy.

I see I need to index the folders that i have already prepared on my desktop. (I am using tags to get Hazel to put them there).

Anything else that a total newbie would not assume?


Hi Korm,

Thank-you for your instructions. I am stuck in the second step of the processes that you kindly laid out.

I must not have something not set up on the most recent version of Yosemite 10.10.3

  1. Install add-ons is above preferences and not in it. I performed the installations.

  2. Finder/Finder/Services/system preferences. Not > Folder Action Scripts
    what you say above.

So, I must be missing some setting. I have the newest version of DTOP.


See DEVONthink Help

See also

search.php?keywords=folder+action&terms=all&author=&sc=1&sf=all&sr=posts&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search … tions.html

I really wish you wouldn’t do that. Makes the thread very hard to follow.
Perhaps others would find it useful, and/or clarify.

It could be that my setting are not correct. Don’t remove them. I will put up photos of my process for you to see.
Later this afternoon.

I now understand. The instructions about folders mean folders outside of DTOP. Folders are called group in DTOP, so I should have noticed the difference.