import from Paperless / importing folders

I am new to this board and just moving from Paperless to DT Pro. I would like to run the import of my documents as automated as possible.

I can drag n drop a single file directly out of the Paperless window but dragging more than one file imports only the references not the file by itself. Any tips & tricks to import files also?

In generell is there a way to import only all files out of a finder directory? Importing via “cmd alt I” imports all folders too which means I have to move all documents manually out of umpteen sub-folders. e.g. I have all my invoices organized in folders: year / client / project

Thanks for your time, best Cler

Did you ever get a reply to your question? I’m thinking of moving from Mariner’s Paperless to DPPO and this is important to me as i have a mass of times in various collections. I’m thinking of moving as Mariner are sitting on the fence about networked library access via something like DropBox.

Just a note (since I don’t know where you’re headed) but DEVONthink does not allow multi-User access to a networked database, nor do we support putting your database in a Dropbox folder to attempt simultaneous access.

Dropbox is not made to sync a live database.

Also, Mariner has not made it easy to get your data out of Paperless and into other applications.

I managed in the meanwhile but a little complicated:

I created a second data base, threw a folder/collection from paperless into it, then go to “show all PDF”, move all PDF into the newly created group of your the database. Delete your collection in paperless or tag it as exported, delete the import in the second data base. Start from the begin with the next collection of paperless.

My intention Bluefrog is to use DTPO to sync all my ‘Paperless’ files between my iMac & MacBook Pro. I read from your blurb that, while as you say DTPO is mot intended for multi user use, it is OK for a single user to sync across a number of machines. Is that not so?

It is but not by putting your database in a Dropbox folder. (Was that strong enough? :smiley: It’s unsupported (and highly inadvisable to do this).)

Using the Sync plugin you can Sync DEVONthink databases between machines running DEVONthink.

Are we at cross purposes, as I use a Mac? Where do I find “show all pdf”?

Do you mean drag and drop folders/files from Mac OS X’s ‘Finder’ after revealing the ‘Paperless’ copies within ‘Finder’?

I use a mac too but run OS and DVTP in German. Maybe “show all PDF” wasn’t translated correctly by myself :wink: It’s a intelligent group which was there by default. If you don’t see it it should be easy to create one by yourself.

:-/ unfortunately yes. a very special way of customer retention.

is it possible to use a DT database e.g. on an external hard in 2 different computers?
Can I copy a database via Finder and use it on another computer?

You can put the DB on an external drive (HFS+ is the recommended format) but you cannot access it simultaneously. DEVONthink is not made for simultaneous access to a single database.

You can but, again, it would be better to use the Sync plugin unless you do want the databases to diverge in their content (which some would),

thanks, Jim!

My pleasure. :smiley: