Import from Scanner - DevonThink Personal


I am trialling DevonThink Personal and see the option to import from scanner or camera on the File Menu. If I select it the scan works fine and I can see my document in the Image Capture window - how do I get it into my database?



By default the scan will be placed in the “Scans & Images” section which can be view in the left hand list of the scanner window.

To send an individual page to your database select the scan in the “Scans & Images” section and press the Properties button. Here you can enter addition information such as title, tags, and select the destination folder in the database. By default all documents will be sent to the inbox. Press the “Send To” to transfer the scan to your database.

Great thanks, I must have managed to do that somehow when I was trying to work out what to do - it ended up in my database twice :slight_smile: