Import Hazel Rules as DEVONthink Smart Rules

Is there any way to import or convert rules from Hazel to DEVONthink as Smart Rules?

No, this is currently not possible. And at a glance, the rules are a binary format so nothing easily parsed via scripting. Lastly, the mechanisms underlying DEVONthink’s smart rules and Hazel’s rules aren’t the same so such a conversion would likely not work anyways.

Ok, thanks. Worth a shot.

As a recent Evernote convert, I can tell you many of the Hazel rules I used with that application were easily converted to work with DEVONthink. I now use Keyboard Maestro and Hazel to send various types of documents to DEVONthink after they’ve been manipulated to my liking.

There are many people here who are eager to assist with any questions you might have…

So you converted your Hazel rules to DT rules and you’re still using Hazel to send files to DT? What’s the point in „converting“ those rules first then?

I didn’t say I converted Hazel rules to DEVONthink rules. The Hazel rules I used with Evernote were external and those I use to get various documents into DEVONthink are also external. I simply tweaked those rule to work with DEVONthink.

I use the Airmail email client which has no internal AppleScript support. A combination of Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, and DEVONthink rules provide a method of getting emails into DEVONthink formatted in a way that works for me. With emails I prefer to have the created date reflect the date of the email, prepend that date to the name / subject in a sortable format, and included the document’s URL.


Sorry, I misinterpreted your post.